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Advanced Therapy Course

VieSID Colombia

The VieSID Continuum Therapy Course with focus on Orthodontics is the logical sequence to the orthodontist who finished the VieSID's Basic Curriculum.

This course has 8 modules, of 4 days each and its main purpose is to follow and advise the treatment of pacients brought by the students, according to VieSID's protocol.

The concepts of Prof. Slavicek and Prof. Sato will always be present.

It's mainly a practical course, with advanced theory.

A special focus is given to diagnosis and in creating an individualized treatment plan for each pacient.
We teach how to find a Therapeutic Position (TP) starting from a Reference Position (RP).

We deepen the knowledge in Biomechanics, specially on the MEAW, MOAW and DAW archwires.
The use of Mini-screws (TAD) in special cases and biomechanics for retained teeth.

Orthodontics in pacients with TemporoMandibular Dysfunction.
Preparation of pacients for prothetic rehabilitation.

Interdisciplinary evaluation.

Orthodontic finalization, taking into account a functional occlusion and aesthetics.

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