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Education in Occlusion Medicine
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CMO Education
This course aim is to introduce orthodontists and general dentists to these concepts and teach them to think "out of the box", paying special attention to function.
It's a hands-on course, with a strong clinical character, which means, theory with daily practice application.
At the end of the 3 day course, the participants should be able to diagnose the different types of malocclusions and to understand how to treat each case individually, both estetically and functionally.

Course Contents:

Day 1:  Basic Principles and Functional Diagnostics

What is a malocclusion? The malocclusion seen from a functional point of view.
Development of malocclusions, philogenesis and ontogenesis of malocclusions
Posterior Occlusal Plane
Posterior Vertical Dimension
Posterior Discrepancy
Compensation Mechanisms:
- Articular compensation
- Vertical compensation
- Dento-alveolar compensation
Functional Occlusion
Occlusal guidance and Posterior support
The role of the Premolars
The role of the Molars
Dynamic Functional Diagnostics
Clinical history
Clinical exam
Reference Position (RP)
Articulator mounting
Cadiax (condilography)
Therapeutic Position (TP)

Day 2:  - From Class II to Class I by mandible anterior adaptation

Characterisation of Class II malocclusions
Class II treatment strategies
Early treatment in Class II
MEAW, DAW and MOAW archwires
Wire bending practice
Clinical cases

Treatment sequence in Class II cases.
Vertical control of occlusion and mandible anterior adaptation into skeletal class I

Day 3:  - From Class III to Class I by vertical compensation

Characterisation of Class III malocclusions
Class III treatment strategies
Early treatment in Class III
Mandibular Lateral Deviation
Wire activation practice
Clinical cases

Treatment sequence in Class III cases.
Vertical control of occlusion to rotate the mandible posteriorly into skeletal class I

Participants should bring to the Hands-On:

Kim (Ixion IX 812)
Tweed (Ixion IX814)
De La Rosa
Distal cutter
Tower to form archwires

16x22 Blue Elgiloy

Participants should bring models of a patient to do the wire bending

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